Social Media is becoming an increasingly important tool when it comes to driver, sponsor and team promotion. It’s an aspect of marketing which is still in early stages, but having worked with various drivers and organisations within the industry we’ve complied our 5 quick and easy top tips, specifically focused on twitter. We’re going to make this a regular feature with all the major social networks.

  1. Be approachable. If you’re interacting with users, they will be more inclined to support and get involved. You don’t have to reply to every tweet, but replies, retweets and favourites go a long way.
  2. Tweet using text, image, links and videos.Make sure you post images and videos when you can, twitter is great for short messages but you want to give your followers a real insight. They need to have a reason to follow you, and posting interesting content is always successful.
  3. Ask questions. twitter isn’t just about the number of followers you have, it’s about the engagement and interaction levels with your followers. Having 10,000 followers is pointless unless they’re interested in your content.
  4. Find out the best time of day to tweet. If you’ve never tested anything like this before, check out tweriod – we use it on all of our client accounts to find out when followers are most likely to reply.
  5. Don’t link your facebook or youtube accounts. Please, please don’t do this. twitter users are interested in content for them, not what you’ve posted on other social networks. If you’ve got content worth sharing, write a personalised tweet and link to it – don’t ever leave it to the automation scripts, they’ve caused no end of hassle and unfollows

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