After the roaring success of our 5 top tips for using twitter in Motorsport, we thought it would be a good idea to create a similar post for facebook – here it is!

Facebook is very, very different to twitter in the way you need to run your page. Whereas twitter is for the bite-sized news, facebook stories tend to stick around in news feeds for much longer. The chance of your fans seeing a post is also an awful lot lower – facebook has a ranking system (Edge Rank) which chooses where to display posts.

  1. Create a page, try not to use a personal profile. This is a mistake which we still see – focus your attention on a page where users can like, not a profile. With a page you’re able to target posts and build your audience, as well as keeping your personal profile just that – personal!
  2. Don’t link twitter. This is another no-brainer, don’t ever link your twitter. This is for several reasons, the first being that facebook doesn’t rank twitter posts as well in news feeds. As we mentioned above, facebook’s ranking system is super complex and it doesn’t rank twitter posts as highly. Not only this, but media (videos and pictures) doesn’t show correctly, and as such can be ignored.
  3. Upload videos directly to facebook, not Youtube. If you haven’t noticed yet, facebook really doesn’t like Youtube videos. Apart from the fact that Youtube is Google owned, it doesn’t want to send people off site, so it’s much better to upload the video directly to facebook. If you are pushing a Youtube video, post a screenshot of the video, and a link to it. This way, it will show in more news feeds.
  4. Ask questions! This is another obvious one but something that isn’t always done, ask questions and engage with your users. As well as engaging users, you’re showing that you care about them, and you’d like to hear what they think. Another bonus, it’ll increase your ranking score with edge rank..
  5. Don’t run a competition where users need to “share and like”. Guess what? These competitions are against facebook’s terms of service. You run the risk of getting your page permanelty deleted. It doesn’t happen often, but we have had several clients come to us after it’s happened to them.

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