KCMG are an International Racing team, based in Hong Kong. They run cars in the Le Mans 24 hours, World Endurance Championship, Japanese Formula 3, Super Formula and several other race series.



KCMG had in the region of 4,000 facebook fans, and 500 twitter followers. With the largest event of the season coming up in 60 days time, they wanted to dramatically increase the social following to showcase the team and all of the sponsors. They had very specific needs and required targeted fans in certain countries.


We took over both of the accounts in early May, and immediately started increasing fans and more importantly, engagement. By using advanced promotional techniques, we were able to hit 10,000 facebook fans and 1,500 twitter followers with two weeks to spare before the event.

Key Stats

Top Post Engagement Rate: 19.2% (Industry standard, 2-5%)
Approximate cost per fan: £0.25-£0.40 (Industry standard, £0.70)