If you’re visiting our site then chances are, you’d like to know a little bit more about who we are, where we came from and why you should choose us.

We’ll start with the name, 5G Creative. Creative is the easy part, we create awesome things! 5G means 5 times the force of gravity, so essentially it’s a force you can only experience when you’re going really fast. Make any sense? No? It sounded better in the brainstorm..

We’ve been making website and working on web projects for years. Two of us are involved at 5G, mainly James with a little technical input from Rob – both of us are passionate about Motorsport and we like to think we know how to create a swish website or two. Social media has become a massive part of the industry we love, which is why we’ve become experts in the field.

We actually come from the wider digital marketing field (ecommerce specifically), and as such have used techniques in a much wider variety of situations. We felt that Motorsport was severely lacking in knowledge and expertise, which is why 5G has been creative.