If you’re reading this, chances are you appreciate the need for awesome social media. It’s become one of the crucial factors that defines you (or your driver), and is arguably the biggest off-track branding opportunity you’ve got. We’ve put together these top tips to ensure you’ve got the best social account possible, and of course – all of these tips are part of our service.

1. Keep your profiles active
It’s easy to forget to update your social profiles, but one of the biggest errors you can make is not posting at all. Dormant accounts don’t look good at all, so always try and keep your accounts updated. One or two posts per week are fine, if you’re struggling with content don’t forget to use #ThrowbackThursdays

2. Schedule your content
Lets be honest – posting on social can sometimes be the last thing you want to do, especially during the busy summer months, which is where scheduling posts comes in. We use Sprout Social for our clients, but something like Hootsuite is free to use.

3. Use imagery
This one is nice and simple, try and post images when you can. Content with images is better for everyone (more interesting for users, potential to show your sponsors etc), and certainly through Facebook it helps your content show to a wider audience.

4. Please, please, please don’t ignore your fans
This is probably our single biggest ask. Please, please, please don’t ignore all of your fans on social. Dependant on the series you may see high interaction, you might not – but if you can, interact with them. If someone asks you a question, try and reply. Favourite tweets where users congratulate you, and like good comments on Facebook. We’re not saying reply to everyone, but so many drivers ignore anyone apart from fellow drivers on social. If you’re struggling, get someone to help out. Obviously, we’re going to say us(!), but you’d be surprised how many drivers have other users manning social accounts.

5. Using video? Upload it directly to Facebook as well as Youtube
An entire blog could be written about video, but the key point is where you upload it. Uploading a video to Facebook will see it reach a significantly larger audience than if you share a youtube link. It’s the way Facebook’s ranking system works unfortunately, but upload it to both places – unless you’re solely looking to boost your views.

RWVine6. Use Vine
We’ve started using Vine on our accounts, it’s the 6 second video sharing app which directly shares to Twitter.

7. Post pre-race build up
This one is nice and simple, schedule posts in the build up to race weekends. Racing at Spa? Post a picture a couple days before hand saying “Can’t wait to race at Spa” or “Guess where I’m racing this weekend?”. Simple, effective and very few drivers do it.

8. Ask Questions
This one is really simple – ask questions! This works really well on Facebook as it helps boost your interaction. Things like “Anyone know which track this is that I’m racing at this weekend?” or “What’s your favourite livery I’ve run this year?”.It’s super simple, and gets people talking about you.

9. Boost your fans
Building your fan base can be a real challenge, but a few (free!) tips can help boost your following. Having your @handles on your car/helmet, getting your friends to like you’re page and of course use the tips above! We run campaigns that boost fans (from 500-5000 new Motorsport engaged fans per month) through advertising, feel free to get in touch if you’re interested – always happy to run a free trial.

10. Humour!
Arguably one of the hardest points, but potentially one of the most effective. Amusing posts always perform better than anything else. Fact. Some of the best accounts are humour based, and pulling that into your social will help if you can.

That’s a good list that should enable you to get the most of your social channels. We could go on and list another list, but we’ll save that for another day! If you would like to know how we could help, feel free to get in touch.