Dino Zamparelli is a British/Italian racing driver, who currently races for ART Grand Prix in GP3. We started working with Dino in August 2012, focusing solely on his twitter account.



Dino had 1,500 twitter followers and wanted to dramatically increase this, to stand out from competing drivers as well as increasing his reach for sponsors. Dino and his partners realised the value of social media, being able to reach a huge audience on a daily basis. It was really important to Dino to make sure that the followers were engaging with his content and took an interest in his racing. Finally, we worked with Dino on creating interesting and relevant content which is a huge factor in creating successful social accounts.


We took over the account in August 2012, and by November 1st we’d already hit 10,000 followers. By the end of May 2013, Dino had amassed an enormous follower base which was just over 28,000 – of which a huge number engaged with him on a monthly basis. Posts such as the one on the right received enormous interaction, with over 400 retweets. We now work with Dino on all of his social channels, working on fan building and optimisation.

Key Stats

Top Post Engagement Rate: 11% (Twitter Industry standard, 0-1%)
Biggest Monthly Increase: 3,200 followers